Hey there! Main reasons to use AirBnb wherever you go: 1. Ability to save for long-term travel 2. A chance to meet locals 3. A way to get familiar with an area 4. Kitchen! A [More]
The best up-and-coming destinations for digital nomads and business travelers according to Airbnb for Work! 👱🏻‍♀️About Me: I’m a long-term digital nomad, online entrepreneur, and expat relocation expert who has lived, worked, or traveled in [More]
Tutorial in how to use Airbnb with a few tips and tricks thrown in. I’m a huge fan of the service and fully advocate using it during your travels. Especially in Asia and Central Europe. [More]
I’ve stayed at nearly 30 Airbnbs (with 8 more booked already for this year) and almost an entire YEAR of my life staying in Airbnbs. Sharing my top 10 tips for booking the perfect Airbnb!