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Do you want to know how to become a digital nomad? You’ve come to the right video.

This video defines exactly what digital nomad is (someone who travels at their own pace, chooses where they want to go, and when they’re off the clock, go to new location and explore) as well as how to make this possible.

For a lot of people being a digital nomad is a good alternative when it is impossible to save a year’s salary to travel.

What kind of jobs allow you to become a digital nomad? Copywriting, photography, project management, social media, web design, blogging, virtual assistant work, marketing, anything related to content, data entry, etc.

The hardest thing about becoming a digital nomad is just committing. I would highly suggest not taking too much time to think about it. I decided I was going to become a digital nomad, booked a plane ticket to Italy, and gave myself 7 days to figure out what to do with everything.

How often do you travel to a new place as a digital nomad? As a digital nomad, I will tell you the cheapest and most efficient way to travel is to go somewhere at least for a month. If you travel too fast, too much of your money will go to plane tickets. Another reason you will want to travel for one month at a time is because most AirBnB rentals have 40-50% discounts for one-month stays.

When you actually become a digital nomad, back up your computer. Since my computer has all my files and everything for my jobs, I’ve chosen to back it up through BackBlaze. It’s $95 for two years.

Another tip? Don’t do too much planning. Who knows where you will want to go or how you will feel about a certain place once you get there. You might end up learning to surf in Costa Rica, and decide you want to spend another couple months riding perfect waves and learning Spanish.

All in all, becoming a digital nomad is great way to travel the world while making money.