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Cost of living in Bali can be cheap, but is it actually more expensive than most people thing? Bali is definitely the most expensive spot to travel in Indonesia, so how cost effective is Canggu really to live or base as a digital nomad?

Travel Insurance – it’s a must! Click here 9:52 to view our chat on Safety Wing Travel Insurance, our recommendation for your long term or open ended travels. Not just because it’s cheap ($37 per 4 weeks), but because it’s backed by one of the largest travel insurance companies globally and it’s made by you and I, for you and I.

We spent a month in Canggu area keeping track of all our costs to share with you. This video is a full open book for potential digital nomads or if you just want to visit Canggu in the future to travel or relax in Bali – it’s a great spot either way!

Our cost of living videos always break down the costs by different category, we then reveal the full Bali costs at the end.