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In this vlog we explore Ao Nang. Theres not a huge variety or hotels in the area in the middle range, lots of hostels and fancy villas, but we’re stoked to have found a good spot (linked below). We also explore the main beach, Noppharat Thara Beach and check out the pier for our visit to Railay.

Ao Nang is a pretty popular spot in Thailand, but we get the feeling it’s a bit more of a jump of spot to do more island hoping around Krabi. There’s still a decent amount going on, so we decided to get a scooter and explore the area.

The main beach of Ao Nang isn’t high on our list of the nicest beaches ever, but the spot right next to it, Noppharat Thara Beach, was awesome. Thats what we look for when we travel, more local, authentic and less developed.