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Warsaw and Krakow (Poland) apartment tour: Follow me as i give you not just one but three apartment tours. In this Vlog I will be showing you around the two apartments that we stayed at in Warsaw and the apartment we stayed during our stay in Krakow. We were lucky enough to find very affordable airbnb’s whilst in Poland, especially in Warsaw! Looking after two cats was not only enjoyable but also meant we got a really good deal on the apartment. And in Krakow we found an awesome apartment with two bedrooms! All of the apartments we stayed at while in Poland were very comfortable and we have found Poland to been good value as budget travellers.

The apartments we stayed at:

➩Warsaw stay with cats:

➩Warsaw city stay:

➩Krakow stay:

➩Airbnb DISCOUNT ($33 USD credit):


About me:
Hi my name is Lana,

I come from the north of New Zealand.
I made the decision to quit my job as a nurse and go traveling. I enjoy slow travel and spending more time in each city to get a feel for the culture and how the locals truly live. Traveling can be hard when you don’t have the information you need, especially as a tourist, the prices of things are usually heightened. My vlogs will show you how you too can travel cheaply, less touristy and how to travel full time.

My aim is to show you the realness of traveling, and to give you the information that you need as a traveller. So I hope you can follow me on my journey to see this lovely world of ours!