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SEX WHILE TRAVELLING – Are you a solo traveller or solo backpacker? Looking for honest tips on hostel life? How do you have a sex life when travelling?

OR Are you considering becoming a Digital Nomad? Or maybe traveling full time or for a long period? What is a Digital Nomad? Interested in quitting the 9-5 and living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle? Sounds like heaven right? WELL, the reality is somewhat different.

LETS TALK ABOUT SEX! This seems to be a slightly taboo subject when it comes to the travel community. Can you have sex in hostels? Where do you meet people for casual sex? Where can you have sex with them? Where do you masturbate while travelling?! LOL

Also covered in this video are how to maintain and build friedships while travelling and my thoughts on having a love life while travelling!

After travelling for a year and building a Travel YouTube Channel, I made the decision to continue this lifestyle by becoming a Digital Nomad, ie a location independent traveller able to earn money and sustain a living by working on the road, both from earning via YouTube AND Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

As a new series on my channel I have decided to document this process, both for my own sanity but also to help others considering moving to this lifestyle and potentially inspire others.

If you have anything you want me to cover, let me know in the comments or contact me on my social media links below or by clicking on the links on my channel banner.

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