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Come join us for an apartment tour in Krakow, Poland as we show you one of the nicest places we’ve ever rented on AirBNB anywhere in the world. This massive attic flat had a giant bedroom, big kitchen, two living rooms and two bathrooms which for only two people made us feel like we were living in a mansion for the week.

We’ve found traveling in Poland to be excellent value given how cheap it is to find good apartments in various cities to rent along with affordable groceries and dining out not being that expensive. Honestly, the hardest thing about staying in this Krakow apartment was actually leaving once the week was over.

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Krakow Apartment Tour in Poland travel video transcript:

Alright guys I think we may have found the coolest AirBNB to date. And I feel like we’ve been saying that a lot lately because we’ve been staying in some pretty amazing places but this one Sam and I were both yeah wow.

This one we get to stay here?

Haha. This one is a little extra special. Yeah. It is so nice I have to say that I almost feel like we you know we don’t want to be here for just a week. We kind of want to be moving in. Yeah, yesterday after we checked in Sam was like well maybe we should stay a few extra days just so we could enjoy the apartment.

So anyways we’re going to get started with the tour now.

And the apartment is instantly cool with an owl mat to welcome us
So Sam is standing in front of the main entrance right now so this is the view you get as soon as you come in.

The kitchen but before we go in there we do have like a little small bathroom under the stairs. Our first of two. Under the stairs. Under the stairs. Look at that. You can actually see the stairs right here.

But anyways the bathroom is not even interesting. No. You need to follow me out to the kitchen. Yeah, the kitchen is what really first impressed. Look at this. Like the exposed wooden beams. And we’re in an attic. We’re on the fifth floor.

So like look at this. Yeah, it is so cozy. Let’s do from from wall to wall. Like I don’t even know where to look there is so much cool stuff going on. Like isn’t this like the coolest way to hang utensils, cups, wine glasses. Whatever. I like that everything spices. Like your glasses and everything you need for cooking it is all right there. You can see it so you’re not like rummaging through cupboards.

Uh but anyways that is we’ve got on this level. Next up we need to go upstairs to see the rest of the apartment. So follow me. And try not to. I’ll try not to hit my head on the beam. Although I’m pretty good at doing that. That seems to be one of my great talents in life. Bumping my head. Sam’s many talents. That is my greatest talent in life.

So once we get to the second floor we’ve got this cool living area. Yeah. It is massive. So a couch over here. Look at that. A couch over there. We’ve also got a cool computer desk. I’ve already claimed it as my own. You claimed it first but I kicked you out this morning.

And then this is our another little table for us. We’ve used it for work. We’ve also used it for breakfast so far. Yeah.

But I just love this sitting area. This is so cozy. Uh this is where we had our glass of wine last night.

And the views are so cool. We can see the river off in the distance.

And if one living room wasn’t enough here is the second one.

And the cool thing about this one. Well there is a really big TV.

And then more windows in the bathroom. And you can just see like rooftops and chimneys. Wasn’t this your like Mary Poppins in Poland moment. Yes. Are we going to see a chimney sweep crawl out from the maybe. From the rooftop here.

So that concludes the apartment tour. I think we’re really going to enjoy our week here. Yeah. I’d say so.

And I mean like this place is maybe not only one of the coolest AirBNBs but also one of the best value AirBNB we’ve ever had.

This is part of our Travel in Poland video series showcasing Polish food, Polish culture and Polish cuisine.