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In this video Riley shows what he travels with aka just about everything he currently owns. It is quite the minimalist packing setup / minimal lifestyle. Basically just a backpack and small roller carries everything. Packing light to say the least. But I love being so mobile.

Including a tour of the $300 a month basic room for rent apartment in Chiang Mai Thailand, the Huaykaew Residence

Overall it’s been a good experience and feeling quite free to not have so much shit and be so mobile! So like they say, does being more minimal make you happier? In my case i’d have to say yeah.

TIP BEFORE TRAVELING ::: i sold lots of random shit including old clothes before coming to Thailand with the OFFERUP app… like instagram meets craigslist. Recommended.

How much do u spend in Chiang Mai?
About $1000-1500 a month we spend on avg total to live here, including rent, food, crossfit, motorbike, sim card….. around 300ish of that going to beer and going out.