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Remote Year Apartment Tour Santiago Chile

In this video I give you a Remote Year Apartment Tour of my apartment in Santiago Chile. I full time travel with Remote Year as a digital nomad working on my travel vlog.

What is Remote Year you ask: It’s a full time travel program designed to promote location independence. Most of the people in my Remote Year Polaris group kept their jobs for Remote Year. They just convinced their employer to let them work remotely as a digital nomad.

As part of Remote Year 2019, most of the logistics associated with travel are handled by the Remote Year crew including finding you an apartment. This is an apartment tour of my Remote Year apartment in Santiago Chile.

My Remote Year apartment in Santiago Chile is in a really hip neighborhood just south of the Bella Vista neighborhood. It’s very close to our co-working space with is important for location independence. My Santiago Chile apartment is surrounded by cool cafes and shops. This work and travel life is starting to grow on me and I figured I’d share my experiences in this travel vlog.

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